Decontamination Stage

Preparation is the key to detailing any surface. Once an in-depth deep clean has been carried out, it is imperative all the bonded contamination is removed from the paint’s surface; this can include tree sap, industrial fallout, iron filings and road tar. The majority of this is removed by a single clay bar treatment, however this is the most aggressive form of decontaminating your painted and glass surfaces.¬† Clay bars act on friction; a lubricant is sprayed onto the car’s surface and the clay is drawn across the surface, as it runs over a contaminant, the clay relies on the bond between contaminant and clay to be stronger than that of contaminant and paint, thus in effect ripping it out of the paint. For this reason, I endeavour to remove as much contaminant as possible BEFORE clay treatment.

This is achieved through the use of a fallout remover designed to react and dissolve any fallout yet is safe for all exterior surfaces and a tar and glue remover to dissolve the sap and tar. Only then will a clay bar be used to remove the most tough of contaminants.

Fallout remover in action.


  • Car sprayed with a fallout remover to remove iron fallout and rinsed.
  • Car dried using warm air and super plush microfibre drying towels.
  • Car sprayed with a tar and glue remover to remove sap and tar.
  • Assessment of remaining contamination taken.
  • Clay bar or clay mitt used to remove final contamination depending on need.

Fallout remover upon contact with contamination turns purple.

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