Car Wash Stage

The initial wash stage can take well over two hours. It’s extremely important to do this stage correctly as it lays the foundation on which¬†we are to build, yet is often the most rushed part of any detail. There is no point in detailing any car if the surface you are to work on is dirty after all!

An example of a wash can be seen below however each car is washed to its own level of dirt to ensure I have the cleanest surfaces available when your vehicle enters the studio.

  • Full high pressure rinse to remove loose particles and dirt.
  • Vehicle snow foamed with pH neutral foam and left to dwell.
  • While dwelling, all intricate areas agitated with soft boar hair detailing brushes.
  • Snow foam is then rinsed rinsed and repeated if necessary.
  • Car washed using a two bucket method and merino wool wash mitts using a Ph neutral shampoo.
  • Wheels cleaned.
  • Under arches cleaned.
  • Car dried using warm air car dryer and super plush microfibre drying towels
car detailing wash

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