VW T5 full detail – Swissvax protection


Here we have a VW Transporter T5 in White.  The van has only covered a few thousand miles and despite being new the owner needed to van to be perfect and i got to try Swissvax Glacier!.

Interestingly the van had been “Super Guarded” from the main dealer.  The problem with products of this type is dealers simply haven’t got the time or in many cases the knowledge to fully prepare the paint surfaces, not only that the coatings are not up to much in my own opinion.

After the usual wash process the van was brought inside for inspection yielding the following results.

As you can see the paintwork was suffering from swirl marks and holograms, the photos above also prove what an exceptional tool the Scangrip lighting is, enabling me to really see any marks in the paint.

This is where things got very interesting on this job!

The clear coat was ROCK HARD and the first few attempts did absolutely nothing to correct the paint, only when i switched to the most extreme combination of twisted wool pad on a rotary polisher coupled with an extremely course compound did i see any correction.  This combination of products is one step away from west sanding the car and there fore is something i really dont like doing as it can cause huge problems, however when needs must, and with careful application and the correct technique it proves invaluable. this was then followed up with a medium polishing stage to remove any marks left by the cutting stage and a final finishing stage to get the van to where we see it now.

This is where the camera packed up! So unfortunately this is where the photos stop.

The van was finished off with Swissvax glacier, a premium wax designed especially for white cars.

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