VW Golf R Detailing Manchester


This brand new Golf R came to us for a new car protection detail that quickly turned into a full detail such was the level of dealership induced swirl marks, holograms and random deep scratches.  Dealership induced damage is getting worse, the dealers do not have time to take proper care of your new car, they use cheap chemicals and really have any experience of the true art of detailing.   If you are reading this and are buying a new car PLEASE just wait a few more days, have your new car prepped directly at a true detailer then returned to the dealer with the strict instruction they do not touch it.  We prefer new cars to come still with the protective plastic and transport wax in tact, it lessens the work therefor reducing the cost.


This particular VW Golf R needed 3 stages of polishing.  The first cut via wool pad and rotary ( very aggressive) in order to cut through the damage and level it out, this, in turn, leaves behind hazing that has to be polished out in order to bring clarity back to the paint and give it a deep look.  The final stage is not one always needed but in this case was opted for.  The final stage is done with extremely soft pads and a very find polish at very low speed, this step gives a tiny amount of extra gloss (I say tiny amount so long as the polishing stage has been done correctly).


The wheels were removed and fully cleaned before being wiped down with 2 different types of panel wipe and coated with Feynlab Wheel and Calliper, this was also applied to the Callipers.


Once all the paintwork had been corrected the soft gloss back areas of the car were detailed in a similar fashion.  This is a lengthy process due to the intricate nature of the gloss black areas but one that needs much attention as it offers a contrast to the red body of the car.


Once complete the care was wiped down with 2 different panel wipes, this process alone was carried out 3 times in order to make sure the paint was totally free of any oils that could lead to poor bonding of the ceramic coating.


Feynlab Ceramic was applied to the full car including lights before being left for one hour.  A further layer of Feynlab ceramic Light was applied to give hydrophobic properties and more gloss.


All Glass was coated with Angel Wax H2Go.



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