VW E Golf Correction with Fyenlab Ceramic Coating


This VW E Golf is the second car from this owner to go through the process of a correction detail and Fyenlabe Ceramic Coatings to all surfaces.

This paticular car is the former press car for VW an as such has recieved plenty of washing whitch was evident under the lighting.  Being white it is hard to pick up the level of defects but please check out the videos below to give you some idea!

As per usual make sure your in HD !

Some of these marks were very deep indeed!

As with most VW cars and this one being no exception the clear coat is rock solid, it leaves me baffled how cars with clear coat this hard can actually get into this state!

The normal processes were simply not touching the deeper scraches so it called for the Rotary to come out along with a very heavy cut compound from fyenlab coupled with a wool pad.  This really is as heave a cut as you can get and plenty of paint depth readings were take throughout the process.  Edges were taped up to ensure they were kept safe as this level of cut removes clear coat FAST.  Some of the marks were unable to come out, i had a discussion with the owner who prefered to leave them rather than take the clear down to a level deemed unsafe.

Once the inital cutting was compleat it was back out with the DA and a much softer combination of foam pad and polishing compound to remove the haze left by the cutting stage.  A final jewling stage was done, this we like to do with all out detailing jobs on white cars as allthough very time consuming i really does make them stand out from the crowd, and thats what we do at Deeadee Detailing, we make the cars of the UK stand out from the crowd.

Once a finl panel wipe was done to remove all polishing oils it was time to coat the paint work with Fyenlab Ceramic (2 coats) and Fyenlab Ceramic Light to give amazing gloss.

Heare you can see the finished result.

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