Range Rover Sport Enhancement Detail with Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings


A long time customer from the Blackpool / Preston area dropped off this Range Rover Sport for an enhancement detail along with Gtechniq ceramic coatings both inside and out, he also opted to have the wheels removed and the rears coated in Gtechniq C5.

I detail all his cars but this one was yet to be done, its currently covered only 10000 miles, but if i know anything about this customer it will be (and he wont mind me saying) a mess.  This is mainly due to his Job.  so when on the morning of the start date THIS rolled in i wasn’t surprised!

along with wheels that looked like they had never had a wash! (they hadn’t)

Running my hand over the surface of the Range rover it was clear it was contaminated, and badly, so i was quickly on the phone to my local Autosmart rep for an emergency back up supply of fallout remover Red7.

The wash stage was completed firstly by 2 applications of Bilt Hambler Auto Foam, this really helps encapsulate dirt and as the foam falls off the car it safely takes it with it.  this was followed by a 2 bucket wash using Angel Wax soap, again this is a high foam soap, and very slick helping minimise any friction between the wash mit and surface of the Range Rover.  Once Rinced Red 7 fallout remover was liberally applied to the whole of the car.

Upon contact with ferrous partials most fallout removers “bleed” due to the chemical reaction taking place, Red7 is no exception and here are some satisfying yet somewhat alarming photos of t in action!

This was repeated 5 times to this car until no bleeding could be seen!  This really is an important step, any contamination i can remove without the use of clay i will do, clay is so aggressive and this enables me to use very light clay when the time comes.

After the final rince the Sport was dried off and the removal of Tar and sap could be done.

Again the car was peppered with Tar spots.

these were addressed with a solvent based tar remover, again liberally applied to the full car resulting in much tar that i couldn’t see becoming immediately obvious.

Tar remover in action.

From there the car was re washed and taken outside to make use of the sun and a couple of pics.

The car here looks very dull in my eyes, also note the wheels were due to come off so they haven’t been thoroughly cleaned yet.

Back inside and it was time to inspect the paintwork.

This was the general condition of the full car along with some deeper marks, no wonder it looks so dull!

the next step was to take paint depth reading, extremely important as the process of polishing removes microns of clear coat, remove to much and you will go through the clear coat, dont remove enough and you will not get the results.

This is where things got Alarming, so alarming in fact that if i had measured this paint BEFORE he picked up this car i would of advised to reject it immediately. The photos below show you reading taken from different areas of the SAME panel

Paint reading at 130 are ok ish, but below and i start to get a little worried, below 100 though! I’ve NEVER seen paint so all aver the place like this, i even found one reading of 33!   I can only work with what i have in front of me, this was going to take up lots of time and knowledge and constent measuring, refining, re measuring etc.

I did a few test spots, it was clear we were dealing with very soft paint (good thing in this instance for me!) so i was able to keep combinations of pads and polish light, sometimes doing 4 or 5 hits to ge the desired effect.  id much rather take more time and get it right than g in heavy with all the dangers this can bring, especially with this paint.

Due to the concentration required i put the camera away, just taking one before and after to highlight the kind of results were were aiming for.

Here you can clearly see some deep scratches, some sanding marks (from factory) holograms and swirls, this panel has the lot.

And after

We still have some very light remains of the deeper scratches, this is an enhancement detail not a multistage, so the results here i was happy with.

Once the full car was done it was wiped down with Gtechniq Panels wipe to remove any lubricating oils from the polish and given a final inspection.

the wheels were removed and given the treatment

these were set aside ready to be sealed later on.

the inside was fully deep cleaned including all leather.  Leather was protected for dye transfer and hard areas of trim protected with nano coating, the fabric was also protected, all with Gtechniq products.

once yet another wipe down was completed the Ceramic coatings were applied and left to cure.  This should help provided a degree of resistance to swirls and scratches in the future as well as a high gloss.

I hope you enjoy the after photos!

Dont forget to contact us for any information or advice.  We cover all areas of Blackpool, Preston, Greater Manchester and beyond







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