Range Rover Sport Detailing and Ceramic Coating


This Range rover came in for an inspection and it was clear it was in a bad way, with just over 100k miles on the clock it looked like it had spent a fair amount of time off road!  There were many deep marks and lots of staining to the plastics and under arches.

First up was to fully clean the vehicle, this car was COVERED in Tar and Sap and we used over 7 litres of AutoSmart Tardis Tar and Glue Remover before we could start the Clay process.   The engine bay was cleaned with a variaty of brushes and de-greasers to remove many years of dirt and grime before being dressed with Car-Pro Pearl and 303 Aerospace Protection.

engine detailing motor detailing engine detailing engine detailing motor detailing


Once fully cleaned the car was rolled inside and the nightmare that faced us became apparent.

The rear quarter was probably one of the BEST areas of the whole car! it was obvious that there needed to be extremely heavy cutting however the paint was so thin, it would be impossible and extremely stupid to try and achieve 100% removal of the deeper marks, the risk of going through the already thin lacquer was so high.

Here you can see the levels we were able to achieve using various tactics.

detailing manchester deadeye detailing preston

A good result in sure you can agree!

Below you will see more before and after photos, it shows exactly what detailing is about and why we are becoming the number one choice for detailing in our area.

50/50 detailing Manchester 50/50 detailing manchester detailing preston detailing blackpool detailing deadeye detailing detailing north west detailing blackburn miglior detailing detailer preston detailing deadeye detailing detailer blackpool

As you can clearly see there was a huge improvement from what we were faced with!

Once all the correcting was completed the full car was then fully refined to leave a finish that would rival a BRAND NEW CAR!

Once refined we were left with amazing clarity and awesome fleck POP

The full car was then treated to our 5yr Ceramic coating locking in this finish, the wheels came back from being refurbished and were also coated with a new on test wheel coating.

After all that the car was rolled outside and as always “true daylight” photos were taken.

detailer blackpool



detailer blackpool





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