Porsche Panamera full paint correction detail


This Porsche Panamera was booked in for a full paint correction and interior detail on behalf of a new customer from Blackpool.  The owner is new to detailing and has only ever used road side car washes (more on this later!)

It was obvious this car was in need of some serious attention, the black paintwork really shows off the condition of the paint.  Evidence of swirl marks (caused by poor washing techniques) holograms and buffer trails left behind by a Porsche approved body shop.


Under the Scangrip lighting (this light mimics the sun, and shows marks exactly as you would see them on a sunny day) the true horror became apparent.  100% of the car had marks.

A small section of the roof

Rear passenger door

Holograms in paint

Below you will find a few images to give you an idea of the before condition of the paint.


To say the paintwork lacked any type of clarity, or depth was an understatement and this car deserved to be brought back to life.

The good news was the paint depth meter showed very healthy paint reading, meaning I had lots of clear coat to play with.  In order to remove these marks the abrasives in the polished combined with the pads and correct techniques slowly remove layers of clearcoat in order to “polish” out and level these marks in the clear coat, thus enabling light to penetrate and reflect back uninterrupted.

Once a small test section was taped off a process of elimination helped me to settle on the correct combinations to achieve the desired results. The clearcoat on this car was relatively soft, not so good news for the owner but fantastic for me as the clear coat behaved impeccably and I was able to achieve the below result with a single stage polish incorporating a Rupes green pad with Scholl S20 black 1 step compound.  Honestly, I was expecting a full 3 or 4 stage polish to be on the cards with this one. Through the use of diminishing abrasives Sholl have produced a polish that even when used on a quite heavy cutting pad (as with the Rupes green pad), can be worked down to a fine finish so long as you have the correct techniques.

Below shows the results of a taped off test section.

Rear passenger door……




Once this process was completed all around the vehicle using a variety of different polishing machines, including a Flex Mini Rotary polisher for the hard to reach areas, Rupees Bigfoot DA polishers and many Rupes green pads, it was time for a wiped down with Gtechniq panel wipe to remove any of the residual oils from the polish that may be masking any marks.  A final inspection is then carried out.

The exterior glass was polished and sealed with Gtechniq glass sealant.

This car may be going up for sale soon, so we opted for a wax as the last step protection.  The choice this time round was Chemical Guys Pete’s 53 LTD edition that I had recently laid my hands on.  It was a first time for me with this wax but it has received great reviews.

An extremely thin layer of wax was applied one panel at a time, allowed to cure (ideal curing time in the conditions this was applied, according to the highly scientific finger swipe test was 12 mins) and removed with Microfiber Madness buffing towels (a towel that is far more luxurious than my own bath towels!) this was then left to cure over night before I repeated the process with an additional layer the following day.

The interior was not in too bad shape, so a full hoover including inside air vents was carried out, the plastic areas (not to many in this car) were cleaned first with  Auto Finesse total, a dedicated interior cleaner, and dressed with Poorboys natural Look dressing for its non-greasy anti-static properties. The Copious amount of black leather was cleaned with Dr Leather products removing the slight shine the leather had gained and restoring the as new look. Interior glass was cleaned with Gtechniq G6 Perfect glass.

I hope you enjoyed reading this wright up as much as I did actually doing the car and for more information on Deadeye Detailing car detailing services please contact me directly. We are situated in the North West of the UK between Preston and Blackpool and just 2 mins from the train station enabling customers from any area of the UK to enjoy the ultimate in cost effective car detailing services.

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