Porsche Cayanne Coupe TURBO – Modesta Detailing


Check out this STUNNING Porsche Cayenne TURBO Coupe that came to us directly from the main dealer (we actually sourced this car for the customer as well)  This car was originally BLACK, the owner wanted a satin white wrap applying before we smothered the car in layers of Modesta BC-08 along with BC-09 for the wheels.

The wrap that has been carried out is out of this world,  the car was literally taken apart, lights out, doors off and boot off, up close you simply can NOT tell this car is wrapped.


in order to keep a wrap looking fresh, it’s important to use a coating that does not alter the look yet adds the protection required to protects against harmful staining, something wraps are prone too. Modesta BC-08 fits that bill perfectly.


Here it is in all its glory!




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