North West Detailing Bentley Continental T


One car I’ve always wanted to detail is a Bentley Continental T and when i got an email asking me to provide a quote i jumped at the chance.  4 weeks later saw me on a Sunday morning in a garage  chatting to a man who had a deep love for cars and also happened to have a stunning collection, including this 1997 Bentley Continental T, to say i was excited was an understatement, whats more, the paint was lacking in depth, clarity and was covered in swirl marks so this was also going to be a rather challenging detail, and one i HAD to do.

2 weeks later and the “T” was in ready for major surgery.

Once washed and decontaminated it was under the lights to asses the damage.

Below you can see a close up of the damage

Out side in the sun this is how this amazing car looked

The above photo clearly illustrates just what damage can be caused by poor polishing techniques – you can clearly see holograms and buffer trails caused by a poor attempt at detailing this car, I’m told it received a yearly main dealer detail……..


It was clear this on was going to need multiple stages of polishing and being so large i was in for some long nights.

Below i have overplayed 2 identical photos, the camera and lighting had not changed in any way.

This illustrates just what a difference a cutting stage can do, all swirls have gone and the paint is looking much deeper, after this step 2 more steps were completed to really pop the gloss.

Once all the detailing was finished finished the ‘T” was coated in Ceramic Pro 9h and Ceramic Pro Light to give many more years of protection, ease of cleaning and unrivalled gloss.


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