Mercedes C63 AMG – Modesta


This stunning C63AMG came to us from a long-standing customer from Preston who had previously had our cross over detail done.  Waiting for his new car to arrive he was already planing driving direct to us for a full Modesta Detail.

Being white it was hiding many light swirl marks that really dulled the paint, using a Modesta Micro Wool pad and Modesta C-02 compound we were able to remove the marks in the paint and bring out the colour.   Next up was to bring out the gloss, Modesta P-01A was used to refine the clearcoat, add incredible gloss and prepare the surface for Modesta Coatings.

We opted to use

Modesta BC-04 topped off with Modesta BC-05 for the ultimate in gloss, hydrophobicity, and protection to the painted surfaces and Modesta BC-09 to the wheels and calipers.


This car is now Protected for up to 10 years with the correct maintenance.

The owner of this car also came back to us a few weeks later for a full FREE lesson on how to properly maintain his new car.



Modesta Modesta Modesta BC-04 Modesta BC-05 Modesta ceramic coating Modesta BC-09



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