Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Full Correction and Ceramic Coating


This Italian Supercar travelled back to us from Lytham.  We have detailed this car once before, at the time the owner opted to finish the car in a high end wax rather than a ceramic coating, previously the car underwent full correction, it was in such a state that we really had to go to town on it.

This time around we were horrified to see the state of it once again!

This is how the Lamborghini arrived…..

The specs you cans see on the paint is actually dried on cement! Amazing.

After a full multi stage wash, decontamination both chemical and manual via the use of clay bars and fully dried off it was into the studio to take a look at what we were dealing with.

Here are the results…….

It was at this point I started to worry.  Previously this car has had a full correction, at the time i remember the paint being rather thin, now, back in this condition how were we to remove the defects SAFELY without going through very thin clear coat?

A call was made to the owner as we were that worried about the level of cut required on the already thin paint.  It was made very clear that this car will not stand another polish after this and we were having to take it well below levels we normally would do.  The owner asked us to carry on and new the risks.

No 2 areas on the car were the same, we used lots of different pad and polish combinations in order to minimise clear coat removal in areas that didn’t need it.  Each pass was met with paint depth readings being checked and double checked, it was as you can imagine a slow process.

Before and After

Here are some before and after shots.









Not bad don’t you think?


Once all polishing was complete it was time to coat the car and get it ready to drop off.

The car received the following coatings.

Feynlab Ceramic

Feynlab Ceramic Light

Angelwax H2Go

**The wheels were not coated as these needed a full refurbish.

*** The thin at the rear was not touched as this is faded and corroded  and needs replacing

Once compleat it was outside for some final photos.


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