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This is slightly different from Deadeye Detailing as we haven’t really entered into Valeting before, however this customer lives local and while looking for a valeter Blackpool came across our website.  Valeting is very different to detailing so with a little thought we designed a package that we feel bridges the gap  between valeting and detailing and still offers excellent results.

First up the car came to us like this

Firstly when valeting a car its just as important as when detailing to have a toughly clean deface in witch to build on.

The car was power washed off to remove loose rebury before a Bolt Hambler Snow foam was applied and left to dwell.

Snow foam brakes down dirt particles and encapsulates them into the foam, this minimises swirl marks when doing a 2 bucket method wash.

While the Snow foam was doing its thing the wheels were treated with a none acidic wheel gel and worked with various brushes.  The Wheel Gel we use also acts as a fall out remover removing really bonded on brake dust.

Once all 4 wheels were done the whole car was rinsed at high pressure.

The next Stage was to wash the car using a 2 bucket method using lambs wool wash its and Belt Hampler Ph Neutrol shampoo before a full chemical decontamination was carried out. Once rinsed off the car was treated to a full clay via clay mitt (as opposed to a clay bar when detailing) and dried off using warm air.

Remembering that this was to be a valet and not a detail was tricky, we are used to now correcting marks in the paint, this was not the order of the day here.  What we are trying to achieve when Valeting is a good level of gloss and protection.

Some Valeters would now jump straight to a wax or sealant, however we are different here at deadeye and with the knowledge gained over many years we know there is a product that we could use that will hide many marks in the paint, so we used it.

The following 2 images are taken with the camera and lighting in the exact same position.

Before – note the holograms and swirl marks


After ————

A vast improvement to the overall condition of the paint, whilst not removed the marks are very well hidden.

In order to lock this finish in and offer a long lasting protection way more than wax or sealant Ceramic Pro Sport was used as a final protector.  This will also offer the customer self cleaning and superb hydrophobic properties.

The interior of the car was fully cleaned and protected with none greasy anti static and uv resistant products.

We hope you like the finished result.




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