Jaguar XF Modesta Detail


This Jaguar XF was recently purchased from a main dealer, despite there prep work the owner was not happy at all and decided to come on over for us to take a look at it.

Upon inspection, it was clear the car was suffering very badly from heavy swirling, lots of marring and looked extremely dull.

We went through many options and settled on a full wheel refurbishment (we use a company in manchester for this, we get a trade price and pass that saving on to you the customer) a full correction and the amazing Modesta BC-04 Coating.

This car lives by the sea now and it’s important to give it the highest level of protection on the market. Modesta BC-04 is just that.

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The Process

As with all vehicles in for detailing we start with a multi-stage wash and decontamination to ensure a contamination-free surface, only when we get to this point can the car come in for a longer in-depth inspection and multi-point paint depth reading.  any areas of concern (thin paint, areas of repair etc) are noted for future reference.

At this point, we like to test various pad and compound combinations for the initial cut in order to work efficiently while delivering the results we want.

Here is an example of that exact process,

Once we find a combination we are happy with the full car is corrected using various machines in different actions and sizes.

The finishing.

The cutting stage removes the marks (the ones that can be removed) but in turn leaves behind a dull finish, this is then corrected by using a soft pad and polish combination to really bring out the Gloss and clarity in the paint.

Modesta Coating Time

Once the car had a thick layer of Modesta P-01A Primer applied it was left to cure for 3 hours before the super thick, super gloss, and super hard Modesta BC-04 could be applied and infrared cured leaving this amazing finish behind.


Remember Modesta is only available in the UK at Deadeye Detailing.



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