Golf GTI Performance – Mayvinci Ceramic Coating New Car Detail


This stunning New Golf GTI Performance pack came in for a new car detail from Preston.   The owner of the car had been to numerous detailers in the NW eventually settling for Deadeye Detailing.

After an initial consultation, it was clear the customer wanted a long term protection option and something to make this car really stand out from the rest.  We discussed the benefits of Ceramic Coatings and settled on Mayvinci Ayanmo – a guaranteed 5yr coating with extream gloss levels.

Once the initial wash was compleat along with the normal decontamination the car was pulled inside and put under the lights.  what we found was very pleasing! the owner had taken the precaution of making sure the dealer did NO prep work to this car and the dealer clearly had listened, some small areas of the car ad small clusters of light swirling but overall the car was in good condition.

Some people may think what’s the point in Detailing a car in a good condition like this, in our eyes we can always make a car better.   We went ahead and did a single stage polish to remove the areas of light swirling and with the car being white we also did a jeweling stage, which really gives the clarity to the clearcoat that we are constantly seeking. with the car being a pearl colour it really made it stand out.

With the car compleat the wheels were removed and fully decontaminated before a light polishing.  Mayvinci Wheel Guard was sprayed via airbrush to ensure good coverage before being left to cure under the infrared lamps to ensure a super hard coating.  These wheels will no repel road grime, brake dust and contamination needing only a light wash with normal car shampoo.

The bodywork was coated with Mayvinci Ayanmo ceramic Coating that comes with a no quibble 5 year warranty against premature failure.  again the car was then put under the infrared lamps to ensure a super hard finish, the coating can be left to cure without the need for the lamps, the lamps just speed up the process. after that Mayvinci Overcoat was applied simply to protect the coating as it goes through its final curing stage.

In the failing light we rolled the car out and got some photos.


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