Gloss Enhancement Detail – Deadeye Detailing


This BMW came in for a much needed Gloss Enhancement Detail after the new owner picked up the car.  It was clear it had been prepped at the dealer using some kind of heavy filling agent to try and hid as much of the damage as possible.  This practice is common and rarely lasts longer than a couple of months until the unsightly damage comes back.

Upon Arrival the car was treated to a safe wash using various products and a full chemical decontamination of both tar and industrial fall out.  Once this is done the car is then treated to a full clay bar treatment and a final wash down.  This ensures we are working on a fully clean surface, and any previous products will be removed at this point.

I took some photos both inside and outside under the studio lighting in order to give you an idea of the damage.

The Bonnet was even worse


With the car having everything from deep scratches, deep swirls and light swirls, coupled with horrendous hologram it was hard to decide on a polish and pad combination as too much cut would kill the gloss and to little cut would not remove enough, this process was made harder due to the colour of the car.

After all said and done i settled on a combonation and got on with polishing.

As you can see, clarity has been improved greatly and all that remains are the deeper marks whitch on a one stage polish and enhancement simply are not going to be removed.

blow is a direct side by side comparrison of the results


Once fully polished it was on to the protection, this time Ceramic Pro Light was the choice for its ease of maintenance, epic gloss, long life span and ultra hydrophobic properties.




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