Ferrari California Edition 30 Gtechniq Ceramic Coatings


This stunning Ferrari edition 30 came in for a Gtechniq ceramic coatings in the form of Crystal Serum and Exo V3.

Ceramic coatings can last a long time and help prevent the dreaded swirl marks and holograms from re appearing. 

After the usual wash routine, the car was rolled inside and a full inspection was carried out.

Despite having only covered a few thousand miles this car had signs of marring, swirls, scratches and holograms.

Interestingly for me the car had JUST come to me from having had a full valet at a cost of £200!

Under the inspection lamps I was greeted to the following.

Paint readings showed very healthy and even paint, in fact some of the best I’ve ever seen so it was time to do a test section and a combination of Menzerna 2500 along with a Rupes Yellow pad on the rotary proved to be the winning combination. 

This process was carried out to the whole car, although the gloss levels could have been improved even further by a multistage polish the time and budget didn’t allow for this and I think the results were very good for a single stage correction.

Time was limited on this car so I only had chance to grab a few before and after photos, you can clearly see an increase in clarity and depth of shine.

With the polishing complete the car was thoroughly wiped down with Gtechniq panel wipe and an auto Finesse microfiber towel, a most important step in preparation for any ceramic coating.  This ensures any of the polishing oils are fully removed ensuring a complete and strong bond of the coating to the clear coat.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum was applied to a 2’x2′ area at a time until half a panel was covered, this is then buffed off with a Gtechniq microfiber cloth and the process repeated. The customer had wanted the up most swirl prevention so had opted to have a further coat of the Gtechniq Crystal Serum added to the vehicle. 

Gtechniq Crystal Serum offers a life span of 3 – 5 years and is has exceptional gloss and anti swirl properties however it does not offer the greatest water repelency.  For this reason Gtechniq EXO V3 was applied over the top of the Crystal Serum. The ExO V3 not only offers amazing water repelency but also helps stop dirt bonding to the surface and adds a warm glow, again this was added in 2 coats to the full vehicle.

The Glass was treated to Gtechniq Gl clear vision glass sealant.

I hope you enjoy the following photos and please do call to discuss any requirements you may have.  Detailing has no set rules and each service can be tailored to your and your cars requirements.  Located between Blackpool and Preston in the NW of England we are ideally located with easy access to the rail network.

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