Audi RS6 Avant Enhancement Detail – Detailing Manchester


Detailing Manchester Audi RS6

This Audi RS6 came from Manchester for its Enhancement Detail and Gtechniq protection, having seen Deadeye Detailing on the net.

The car was lacking any depth of shine and again is used daily for work within the construction industry.

Having made the drive from Manchester the car arrived as below

As you can see it was in a sorry state, so it was quickly on to the wash stage starting with a pre rinse to remove any loose dead-bury, followed by Snow foam to help encapsulate any dirt particles and lift them off the surface

Once rinsed this is followed by a 2 bucket was and then brought inside for safe drying using ultra plush Microfiber Drying Towels

After all the chemical decontamination it was onto clay baring the full vehicle to make sure ANY contamination was removed

The next step is to assess what we are dealing with. here are the results

As with most cars that come to me, this has seen only roadside car washes, the use of heavy chemicals and bad practice has quickly left its toll, remeber this car has done only 9000 miles.

On to the polishing Stages – Detailing Manchester

Audi paint has a reputation for being notoriously hard ( god knows what it would of been like had it of been soft!) so full correction via single stage was going to be out of the question, we were aiming here for 70%.  I had to find a balance between removing the marks and leaving a slight haze, witch would the lessen the gloss or leaving no haze and a brilliant gloss but still leaving a few marks.  This is the Art of Detailing and where a Detailer earns their money!

So after over an hour of playing with different pads and polishes i found a combo that was leaving good results.

Above shows a massive improvement, clear and sharp and the fleck in the paint is allowed to do its thing!

This process was completed to the whole car the car was the wiped down with Gtechniq Panel Wipe, 2 coats of Gtechniq CSL were then applied and the 2 coats of Gtechniq EXO V3.

On to the interior detailing and Gtechniq Protection – Detailing Manchester

The interior of this Audi RS6 was in need of a good Detail for sure.

To give you an idea of how it looked before

After its first vacume it was onto the leather.

Rember this car has covered 9000 miles from new

Now other other than a good vacume you may think this is  ok.

Blow shows a great example of a 50/50 on the leather seat

Here you can clearly see the oils that cause the leather to look shiny have been totaly removed bring back a new leather feel and softness, this was done using various brushes and plenty of Gtechniq Leather Cleaner leaving a great result.

All leather surfaces were left to fully dry before applying Gtechniq Leather Guard – this offers a level of abrasion resistance as well as helping prevent dye transfer and helping to keep the leather clean.

Once the Leather was compleat it was time to tackle the Dash board and plastics, these were cleaned of any dirt and stains with Gtechniq APC

Once dry Gtechniq Matte dash was applied

The pedals got a going over with Gtechniq APC

All the Glass was Cleaned with Gtechniq Glass cleaner and then Sealed with Angel Wax H2GO.

The fabric was also treated to Gtechniq fabric Guard.

I hope you enjoy the finished result as much as i did actually doing this RS6


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