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Porsche Cayenne Detailing Lancashire


This Porsche cayenne owner had been looking for somewhere offering detailing and to have his car detailed all over Preston, Blackpool Manchester and finally found Dead Eye detailing on his doorstep near Lytham, the perfect place for detailing Lancashire


The plan for this car was a simple enhancement detail and the car was duly dropped off.

Wash Stage – Detailing Lancashire

With the car being absolutely filthy is needed a real deep clean before any sort of inspection could take place.

We are at that time of year now where bug splatter becomes a problem so the front end and windscreen was treated with a liberal dose of bug remover.

Bilt Hamber auto foam was liberally applied and left to dwell for 5 minutes of so before being rinsed off.

A second application of foam was then applied and all badge areas, panel seams and hard to reach areas were worked with soft detailing brushes and in this instance a helping hand of Autosmart G101 at a strong ratio of 5:1.

Once rinsed a 2 bucket was completed utilising Gtechniq Microfiber wash mitts and Gtechniq soap.

The vehicle was then dosed up with an iron fall out remover panel by panel (because the sun was strong) before a final rinsed down and dried off using Gyeon Silk Dryer Drying towels.

Once dry the Porsche could then be treated to a liberal helping of tar remover before a final rinse and dry.



Inspection Stage

With the vehicle now in a clean state with bare paintwork we were now able to inspect what a few years of roadside £25 valets had done to the Porsche.



Honesty this makes me feel ILL, this is an 80k car when new, the owner has had this from new, and although used every day the simply is NO need for it to look like this, this is down ONLY to poor wash techniques and poor protection from day one of this cars life.  Treat your cars pain correctly from the off and this will not happen, and it should cost you no more than the car washes many use.

Knowing the owners expectations I duly called him and asked him to come and look and advise what he wanted me to do.

The owner made the drive from Blackpool and a budget was decided on and left in my hands.

The process

We decided that with the added value to the car that would come it was worth first cutting the clear coat right back with some slight wet sanding in certain areas, this would then be refined and then a new Gloss enhancer with good protection would be used followed by a hybrid wax.  This will amazing gloss levels and good protection (up to 12months) and a really wet looking Porsche.

With all this work to do and my pending wedding that weekend it was going to be late nights ahead.

First off was to complete a couple of Bird Etchings, this is what is left after leaving bird droppings on your cars paint for too long, this was wet sanded out of the clear coat and polished back up, as were to really deep scratches in the front passenger door (these were not completely removed due to the depth of the scratch)

Next up was the usual test sections to find a pad and compound that suited this car well.  Now as this was not a true multistage polish a compound and pad that finished down very well yet still offered very good cut was needed without the usual haze and holograms CAUSED buy heavy cutting.  This was found using the following

Lake Country HDO Foam cutting pad

Scholl S3 Gold XXL compound

Flex 3401 forced rotation DA

This combination left some stunning results straight off the cutting stage

This was then refined down with

Rupes Yellow Pad

Scholl S40

Rupes Bigfoot Da

At this stage the car was ready for wax directly but we had one more stage to complete.


Final Machine stage

This is a product id wanted to try for so long, yet hadn’t got around to it as the demand purely for Ceramic coatings  so high, for this I thank the customer for letting me try it out!

Below is some info taken directly from the manufacture website, this product was used with the dedicated gloss pad as we didn’t need the benefit of any cut just purely gloss and protection.


Introducing CarPro Essence!

CarPro is turning the wheels of innovation once again!! CarPro Essence is a unique blend of nano-tech Quartz, high gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives that are blended together at a microscopic level to form something truly ground breaking! CarPro Essenceleaves an amazing high gloss finish with semi-permanent fillers and protective capabilities all built in!

Paired with a cutting pad Essence is capable of unexpected cutting power, while a CarPro gloss pad armed with Essence provides gloss we could only dream of until now! But this is not simply a polish…

In less than the time you take to polish a car with conventional products, CarPro Essence is capable of removing swirls, while building a thick ultra glossy resin layer with semi-permanent durability of up to 12 months!
Oh… and it wipes off like a dream!
Incredibly Essence also leaves a perfectly smooth, deep, reflective, primed layer to build on with CQuartz or Reload! The primer attribute in revolution makes application of CQuartz easier than ever and bonds together seamlessly, forming a shell of Extreme Gloss and protection!


  • Primes surface for CQuartz , Reload or Hydro2
  • Produces Extremely High Gloss
  • Semi-permanent filling capabilities
  • Adds layer of Sio2 Quartz protection


The Gloss that was left behind was simply unreal and this will be going on my own car if I ever get around to doing it!



Waxing is a term used mainly by woman and generally strikes fear into a man! Deadeye Love waxing as it adds a different finish to a car over ceramic coating, the downside being it does not offer any protection againsed thouse swirls coming back, so you really need to take extra care in washing your vehicle, as this car will now be maintained by us on a weekly basis there is simply no need for the ceramic coating.

The wax of choice on the Porsche


The blurb

The core of the formula uses the finest grade natural hard waxes for maximum lustre, these are finely balanced with flexible synthetic waxes and Si02 to give maximum strength, leaving your vehicle wrapped in a uniformed low friction coating that will withstand months of tough wear.


Our latest Contact Cure technology means a higher percentage of solid wax is transferred to the paintwork as you apply the wax, the revolutionary ingredients make the wax cure in a much smoother finish which is evident when you remove it, with noticeably less buffing required than other waxes.

Poured in our purpose built temperature controlled environment to ensure consistency. The ambient temperature during the manufacturing and pouring process is critical and the nature of Vortex truly tests our skill. We need all our years of experience to create each pot which is hand poured & signed personally by the developer.

We always source high grade ingredients for our wax but Vortex takes this a step further, the blend was born with a no expense spared approach to see what we could achieve regardless of budget. We have sourced the most natural and organic waxes, oils and surfactants only usually found in cutting edge cosmetic products.


As with all waxes they are available to purchase privately, but when paying this much for a wax you really need to know what your doing when applying them, its simply NOT a case of rub it on, wait a while then rub it off!


The interior of the Porsche has so much leather and it has never been cleaned —— until now

After the usual litter removal and hoover all leather was fully deep cleaned using a variety of tools and high end cleaning products.

Modern automotive leather is PAINTED and DOES NOT NEED CONDITIONING, all a conditioner does is sit on the surface and attract more dirt and oils, all glass was cleaned with Gtechniq glass cleaner and sealed on the outside with Angel wax H2go.

Here are the results taken inside ready for collection!

Detailing Lancashire

Detailing Lancashire

Detailing Lancashire
Detailing Lancashire

Detailing Lancashire

Detailing Lancashire

Detailing Lancashire

If your looking for Detailing Lancashire your in the right place with Deadeye Detailing



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