Detailing Lancashire – Mercedes CLS


Detailing Lancashire
I finally have time to put last weeks job on for you to see while chongo is busy cracking on with this weeks!

This was a job for a new customer from Blackburn that had seen our work via the internet and wanted rid of the swirling and holograms he could see. After consultation a enhancement detail was agreed on and the car arrived 3 weeks later for work to begin.

The usual wash and decontamination left us with a car in average condition.

Here are some before pics in no particular order.

The test panel proved this Merc had truly hard paint, and a one stage simply wasnt going to meet our standards, so we hit it with a 2 stage. Each panel on the car reacted quite differently to polishing witch was odd, but the end result was right up there!

We ended up with about 90% correction across the full car in the end witch was a bonus for the customer and ultimately a big plus point for Deadeye Detailing.

The car was finished off with Carpro Cquartz UK

Interior Cleaned with LTT Leather cleaner and protected with Gtechniq, all glass sealed with Angelwax H2Go

Now into the after shots

detailing lancashire detailing lancashire detailing lancashire detailing lancashire


detailing lancashire


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