Detailing Jaguar XF Estate – Detailing Preston


Detailing this Jaguar Xf Estate was always going to pose some challenges. Previously this car was in a real state and had been to another localist detailer circa 18months prior for a full detailing service including ceramic Coating.  While the owner was very happy with the paintwork correction received prior the ceramic coating applied wasn’t performing as expected or required and the car was not showing much hydrophobic action.  The wheels although ceramic  coated were suffering badly and the coating unable to withstand the break dust really bonding badly.  The car was re covered in swirl marks, although the owners wash routine was very good.

Below you can see how the previous  ceramic coating was performing 18months after application.

You can see here that the flat horizontal panel are not offering much in the way of hydrophobic action and the vertical panels very little.

This posed a bit of an issue as with Ceramic Pro and one other (Modesta) i know it would have to be wet sanded to be removed.  With the other detailer only reefing to this Ceramic Coating as their “signature ” Glass Coating we were a little in the dark despite the owner asking for more info.

Now weather or not it was that the coating had failed or simply the coating wasn’t very strong the problem didn’t turn out to be so bad as it simply polished off using very light combinations of polish and pads.

The next problem was that due to the car relieving heavy cutting previously there wasn’t much clear coat left for me to remove ALL of the defects and i had to be extremely careful when going over VERY thin areas.  upon completion i suspect around 85% of the defects presented were able to be removed.

Detailing in this way is a long process and many late nights were taken to get this car looking how it is now.

The wheels were removed and needed multiple hits of very strong wheel cleaner and fall out remover to remove the build up from the wheel barrel, before being coated with Ceramic Pro Wheel and Calliper Ceramic coating, tablet to withstand extremely high temperatures  and ultra hydrophobic this coating WILL stop the extreme build up of break dust that makes wheel cleaning a real pain.  the wheels now will simply wash clean.  The coating was applied via spray gun in 2 very thick layers.

Ceramic Pro 9h Ceramic Coating was applied to all painted surfaces again via spay gun to ensure a 100% coverage, again this was applied very thickly in 2 coats to give ultimate hardness to try and help prevent these marks coming back into the incredibly soft paint on this Jag (this car needs to be easy to maintain due to the customer’s busy schedule) this car will never accept another polishing safely, and now with Ceramic Pro 9h ceramic coating it shouldn’t need it.

Once the Ceramic Pro 9h ceramic Coating had had time to cure Ceramic Pro Light Ceramic Coating was applied to the vehicle to improve gloss and hydrophobic action.  The car now is looking better than new and is protected with the best ceramic coating available.


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