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This was a detail that we were looking forward to for quite a while, we love detailing and this detail is every detailers dream. The option list for this detail was out of the window, it was a bespoke package with ultimate gloss, Ceramic Pro and most importantly protection at the forefront of the planning process.

The list of jobs was endless but in summery;

  • Full removal of dealer fitted PPF film to the ENTIRE car
  • FULL SAFE correction of paintwork with multiple polishing stages to refine gloss
  • Full engine Detail
  • Full interior detail including polishing of all carbon fibre
  • Full interior Ceramic Pro coating application including – Ceramic Pro Leather – Ceramic Pro Light – Ceramic Pro Fabric
  • 5x layers of Ceramic Pro 9h
  • 2x Layers of ceramic Pro Light
  • Glass polished
  • Ceramic Pro Rain
  • Ceramic Pro 9h to wheels

This Lamborghini Aventador SV had been purchased brand new in London and had received a full detail before being fitted with a full PPF (paint protection film) package.  Unfortunately there were some areas of bubbling on the film and it wasn’t to the owners liking, his preference is to see uninterrupted Gloss, for that reason we love him here at Deadeye.

Paint Protection Film – Removal

With any car that has received any form of vynal of film there is a small chance of the paint coming off the car as the film is removed, we make everyone aware of this, this is far more risky in areas of repair, smart repair or stone chips, however the risk is still small and can be minimised greatly by using safe practices.

A small amount of heat is required to heat up the glue under the film then its a case of breaking the bond between the paint and the glue in a way that lessens the stress on the paint.  This process is very labour intensive but it has to be done with safety in mind.

Ceramic Pro

We were starting to see marks to the paint early on and based on the fact the the customer had been told this car had received a full detail the decision was taken to invite him over just to watch us remove the film in order to inspect the paintwork underneath before we touched it.

Once the film was off it was on to the next step.

Wash stage

With the car now free of any protection film it was time to do a deep clean and decontamination, paying particulate attention to any spots of glue residue.

Firstly the car was foamed with a snow foamed as a pre wash then a safe 2 bucket method was used to wash the car, the wheels were cleaned with a variaty of different brushes.


After the touch less drying process the car was fully treated to a glue and tar remover in order to remove any glue resedue left from the film.


With the car fully clean and dry it was now time to see just exactly how bad the paint work was.  The car was taken inside and outside in order to make use of as many different light sources as possible.

The photos below will illustrate just what a BAD detail can leave your car looking like, but the PPF had hidden all this from view.  Remember, this has had a FULL detail before coming to us………………………………………………………………….

This car had everything from swirl marks to sanding marks from extremely poor preparation and quite frankly the main dealer should hang their heads in shame to let this car leave in this state.  It is a £500,000 car, extremely rare, and a flagship modal, it shouldn’t happen to any car let alone this and a personal message to the dealer “NO paint protection film WILL NOT HIGHLIGHT any defects in the finish it will HIDE them”

Needless to say we had to have a rethink about the processes involved as this detail had just changed dramatically due to the level of cut required and the depth of the already badly machined paint.

Cut, Polish, Refine – A detailing Art form

On a normal detail we will do a test spot to find a compound and pad combination that works best for any given painted surface on the car, this works 99% of the time.  Due to the varying different substructures, damage and level of cut required on this  Lamborghini Aventador SV each panel reacted different there fore each panel had to be treated different starting at the least heavy cut and stepping up a level each time if it was 1. Still safe to do so (due to paint depth) and 2. if the level of correction wasn’t achieved.  As a professional detailer this is where years of experience can be call upon as well as other professional opinion. 100% correction could not be achieved im sorry to say on some panels as it simply was not safe to do so, however this was only visible to the trained eye.

Once the cut was done it was time to polish and refine the gloss.  Cutting the car with heave compounds and pads gets the marks out of the paint but leaves the paintwork un clear, quite hazy and not very glossy,  polishing and refining is what brings out the gloss and its done SLOWLY in this case extremely slowly, but so worth it. After all these steps were carried out we had an un coated car looking like this.

Remember, this is a car that has NO WAX OF COATING ON AND IS BARE PAINT

The exterior was now ready for coating.

The Power House Detail

The Engine was one of the first areas to be cleaned, it ia a monster v12 unit with tonnes of carbon including carbon bracing bars. It was firstly rinced down at low pressure to remove any surface dust before cleaned with a variate of brushes and degreasers i the intricate areas.  All the carbon areas were then polishied lightly to enhance the gloss and any painted areas polished to remove any marks and bring out the gloss.   The carbon was then treated to an application of Ceramic Pro 9h

Lamborghini aventador sv engine detailing

Ceramic Pro 9h Time

With the car looking good it was time to bring out the Ceramic Pro 9h, a glass coating of the finest calibre.  As stated elsewhere on our site we have been reluctant to tie ourselves to any particular brand of coating, however after seeing the results some of our friends from over seas were getting with the Ceramic Pro range we had to try it for our selves and luckily we were able to grab a sample from Ceramic Pro London.  Our testing showed superior hardness and when topped with Ceramic Pro Light a Gloss level that was previously unteachable.

What does that mean for you the customer?

  • long life span
  • superior hardness leading to superior resistance from swirl marks etc
  • a far superior hydrophobic effect to make it hard for dirt to stick to the application subject
  • easy cleaning
  • a level of gloss that remains
  • added value
  • peice of mind

The Avetador SV was due to receive 5x coats of Ceramic Pro 9h and 2x coats of ceramic pro light and a long day of solid coating later the car was ready to be baked under IR lights.

Bits and Bobs

The interior was fully cleaned and protected with ceramic pro products and the glass treated to ceramic pro rain


ceramic pro detailing

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