BMW M4 CS – Fyenlab Ceramic Coating – Manchester


This BMW M4 CS came directly from the Dealer for a new car Detail and Ceramic Coating. It turned out this particular car epitomizes why you DO NOT let a dealer prepare your brand new car.
As you will see the car suffered horrendously at the hands of the valeters and became much more than a new car preparation.

The usual safe wash and decontamination process was followed before being brought into the studio for a full inspection. This is when the horrors became apparent.
Take a look at the boot lid below for an idea on just how bad this car was. Remember this is a brand new dealer prepared car.

detailer manchester

Take a look at the video below, you can see just how this car would look out in the sun! (excuse the music, it was late!)



The whole car COVERED in wash marring, swirls and scratches. The front wing being the least effected.



Correcting the car was hard going, resorting to wool pads and the rotary to get the initial “cut” the remove the defects.  Most areas took to or 3 attempts with the paint depth guage getting some serious use, this car was taken to the very limit.

Here you can see a 50/50 video of the boot lid.

A full 3 stage correction, refine and jeweling was done to the full car over the course of a week, the wheels were also removed and coated with KKD Revolve X wheel coating.


Once completed 2 layers of Fyenlab Ceramic and 2 layers of Fyenlab ceramic light were applied to give gloss and protection.

The end result.

Ceramic Pro Manchester Ceramic Pro Manchester detailer manchester detailer preston Detailing preston Miglior detailing detailing blackpool detailer blackpool fyenlab ceramic coating


Make Sure to hit the HD Button!


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