BMW M3 CS Mayvinci Coating – Manchester


This BMW M3 CS is a limited edition to only 1200 cars WORLD WIDE – and here we are detailing one in the North WEST!

As you can see the car is a Satin/Matte finish, because of this it can not be polished, EVER, or the satin finish will ultimately turn glossy.

Whats needed here is ultimate protection from wash marring, light swirls and fallout, equally the protection cannot add any form of gloss to the paint.  Ceramic coating is the way to go as it will in this instance keep the original finish but WILL add depth of colour and make the car look brighter without looking glossy.

First up the car was fully washed and decontaminated, the gloss carbon areas were polished to remove any marks and enhance the gloss, its important to pay particular attention here as these areas contrast the satin paintwork.

Anyone with this type of finish will know how much of an issue finger prints and grease can be, these were removed with glass cleaner.

The car was then coated with Mayvinci Ayanmo 5yr Ceramic Coating and the wheels coated with Mayvinci Wheel Guard.



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