BMW 520 gets a full service – Detailing


This BMW 5 series was part of a 2 car Detailing session booked in for the same customer over 2 weeks.  The BMW was to receive a bulk of the budget agreed upon as the owner was looking to keep this car for a while.

First up it has to be said that the car itself wasn’t in that bad condition, it had some swirls and marks but nothing as bad as some of the other cars within the gallery!  This goes to prove just how effective a good wash technique can be.

Here is the car upon delivery before any detailing work began


IMG_3218 IMG_3217 IMG_3210

The safe wash process

Standard wash process was taken care of including:

  • high pressure rince
  • snow foam
  • soft brushes to work the panel gaps etc
  • full high pressure rince
  • 2 bucket wash with Mitchell and King hand crafted Auto Spa and Microfiber Madness Wash Mitts
  • Final rince


IMG_3222 IMG_3232

A full chemical decontamination was then done followed by a full decontamination via clay before the car was taken into the studio.

Polishing stages.

Due to the time constraint and the finish we wanted to achieve for the customer we took less photos than usual.  when we see a car like this and we know what can be achieved we sometimes get carried away even though its not within the budget for the customer, i guess that is what comes when you do something you absolutely love, this was on of those details.

With the car in the air and wheels removed it was clear the metal work visible would let the car down, so they were tackled with wire wool of differing grades and lots of metal polish and elbow grease.  Why all calipers are not painted from factory i dont understand.

IMG_3294 IMG_3285 IMG_2185 IMG_3286 IMG_3289

The engine bay also got the full treatment after being fully cleaned


Detailing the Paint

many different pads and polishes were used on the car and many hours were sat behind the machines, we had to b so careful as the paint was so thin. luckily it wasn’t needing to much cutting.

IMG_3330 IMG_3337

Its looking good there but nothing to what was to come.

Detailing the interior.

Te interior of this car overall was good, there was however some light swirling to the wood panels.  The inside parts of the car like wood pannels and piano black are able to be polished just like the paint on the outside so that is what we did.

IMG_3244 IMG_3245 IMG_3248

The Leather albeit in good shape to most people still needed to be shown some love.  The photo below shows just how dirty leather can get in a short space of time, being light in colour it is important to protect the leather from any dye transfer from jeans etc.  A protectant is NOT a conditioner, conditioner has no place i modern car interiors where the leather is SEALED, a conditioner would simply sit on the surface attracting dirt.


Colourlock protector was chosen as it really does not change to look or feel of the leather while offering a very good ammount of protection, 2 coats were applied in high use areas.


All Glass was sealed outside with Angelwax H2GO, the windscreen receiving 2 coats.

Chase the Gloss

All we had left to do was cache the gloss, a stage we had been really looking forward too.  Armed with a product designed as a primer for Ceramic Coatings and a Gloss enhancer when used with a gloss pad and the right technique we set about the painstaking but rewarding task of “Jewling” the paint, the process take a huge amount of time and lots of patience.

After the jewling it was time for the Coating to be applied.

This time we went with Carpro Cquatz UK, its an alternative coating to the Gtechnic range and one we are looking into and really, we love it.

With the coating stage complete we left the car alone for 12 hours in a controlled environment to cure.

The wheels were coated with Gtechniq C5

Collection Day

The owner was due to collect the car at 12pm so at 7am the final inspections were being carried out along with a topcoat of Carpro Reload.  once we were happy we could sit back and just stare at what was a truly awesome finish.


we do hope you enjoy the following images and please do check out the video.  Remember  when the sun hits a car there is NO place to hide, the sun shows all defects, and we DO NOT use any filters on our photos, the pictures below are straight off the camera!






IMG_3369 IMG_3372 IMG_3362 IMG_3377

detailing interior

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