Audi A4 Detailing with Ceramic Pro 9h and Light


This Audi A4 belongs to a detailing enthusiast who was looking to have the paint corrected and a high level of protection applied in order for him to easily maintain.  Budget constraints meant that a multi stage polish was not an option so a single stage was settled upon with the brief to sacrifice a little gloss in order to correct more.

With that in mind i set about cleaning and decontaminating the whole car before I could properly inspect it.

Wash Stage

A full wash was carried out using the following process.

  1. Full high pressure rinse
  2. Snow foam applied and left to dwell
  3. High pressure rinse
  4. Washed using Meguires Hyperwash and Wool wash pads
  5. Rinse
  6. Warm Air Dried

Once the wash was complete the whole car was chemically decontaminated before a clay bar was used to remove the more suborn contamination.


Under the lights its was clear that even though much care had been taken to avoid swirl marks they were still evident although not as bad as most cars that pass through the doors at Deadeye Detailing!

Polishing Stage

As mentioned above this car was to have a single stage and knowing that Audi are well known for having ROCK SOLID paint i was a little worried to say the least, but after a few test passes i was more than happy with both level of correction AND gloss.

Above you can see Swirl Marks and holograms that dull the paint and case the hazy appearance

Below is the same panel with the same lighting – its now dark and glossy although SOME of the deeper marks remain


All of the Above photos show clear before and after under the same lighting with the camera in the same position.  The polishing step has clearly removed all the holograms and most of the swirling, enabling the metallic fleck to show itself and the paint to really look wet and deep.

Once the full car was completely polished it was time to fully de-grease the car of any polishing oils left behind.  Once 2 stages of de-greasing were complete the car got a full wipe down with Ceramic Pro cleaner for maximum bonding of the Ceramic Pro Coatings.

Coatings were applied and the car left ti cure before being rolled out for some pics UNDER NATURAL LIGHT………. Ceramic Pro never ceases to amaze me or my customers!

The car also received Ceramic Pro Wheel protection and Ceramic pro Glass Protection


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