Audi A4 Avant Ceramic Pro Detail


This Audi A4 Avant cam in for a detail after the owner baught it with over 150,000 miles on the clock.  The Paint was looking tired and as he wanted to keep the car for a number of years we settled on a single stage polish with a coating of Ceramic Pro Light as the protection.

As per usual the car was fully washed and decontaminated before being brought inside and inspected.

We settled on a polish and pad aplication pretty quickly, with a single stage enhancement it is always a toss up between the level of cut and the level of gloss, too much cut and you will have limited gloss, too much gloss and you will have limited correction so getting it correct at this point is of the upmost importance.

Now as time was againsed us on this one not too many pictures were taken, but to show you the difference we did take the following before and afters, same lighting and same position of camera.

The photos above show how the light behaves so much differently once the panel has been polished, you are able to see through the clear coat and directly onto the paint.

The Lights were also in a bit of a mess so they got the same treatment.  Light clusters are often overlooked but bad lights and good paint never leave our studio, regardless.

Not 100% perfect but for a one step polish they are in my mind well over 80% improved.

The 150,000 mile engine looked like it had never been looked after, and although not paid for i couldn’t miss the opportunity to turn it around.  Not a full engine detail more of a quick clean up, never the less, well over 90 improved.


And After

Much better

After the Ceramic Pro Light was applied it was time to bring the car outside for the final shots.  A great turn around and a happy owner.  For the eagle eyed the rear bumper was NOT done as it was off for paint so the customer will bring it back once done and that will be polished and coated in the same way.


and the video

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