Aston Martin Vantage S Detailing Lancashire


This Aston Martin Vantage S was in a very poor state when the owner bought it.  Wanting perfection the new keeper decided to bring along to Deadeye Detailing Lancashire for a full detail to remove the surface marks and apply ceramic coating in order to help maintain the finish and keep this iconic car in a better than new condition for years to come.

Stage one – Deep Clean and Fallout removal

In order to detail a car properly it is important to have the cleanest surface you can get.  There is an increase in companies offering detailing in a day.  It simply can’t be done, the first stage can in some instances take the best part of a day!

How the car arrived

The first job here is to pre soak the car in a citrus pre wash, had this been a service wash I would of first rinsed the car to remove any loose grime, in this case as the car was receiving the highest level of polishing I decided id let the dirt act as a sponge and help hold on the pre wash.

This is then rinsed off before a snow foam is applied to the full car and left to dwell, this is then rinsed before any intricate areas a re attended too with a soft brush.

Again the car is fully rinsed before contact washing can take place.

Again the car is rinsed before a chemical fallout remover is applied to all surfaces left to dwell and rinsed off.

The Aston was the taken inside and dried using warm filtered air specialist drying towels.

Now we move on to the manual decontamination.  A clay bar is used along with a lube lift any stubborn partials of dirt from the paint. This is lengthy process that has to be done correctly.  Done incorrectly and you will cause marring, swirls and in the worst cases scratches. If you miss a bit you run the risk of dirt being lifted at the polishing stage which could see the detailer chancing his tail.


After all the prep work we are now able, with the use of specialist lighting able to see the true condition of the paintwork.

As you can see from the above the car has swirls, holograms and marring which when added together give the car a rather dull, lifeless finish.


With the car on the ramp it was now time to start the polishing.  Polishing does not add any protection to a car and should only be done by someone who knows what he or she is doing.  In this case we have to really go heavy with the compound and pad combination to remove the swirl marks.  Contry to the norm this Aston had very hard paint, normally they have been soft.  In order to really cut the paint we also had to jump machinery to a rotary polisher.

(Cutting the paint – Removing layers of lacquer in order to flatten out the swirl marks caused by poor washing)

Once this process is done the full car its time to jump to the DA polisher, a lighter pad and polish combo and start to refine the surface. The cutting stage can leave a hazy finish and also in some cases buffer trails, this is due to the harshness of the compound and pad combination.  The refining stage is important as it brings clarity and an even finish to the surface; the DA polisher is less likely to cause marring to the paint.

Here is an example of a car that has been polished by someone who clearly didn’t either have a clue or didn’t bother with eh refining stage.

This Aston was here for a full no holds barred detailing service so the next stage was to “Jewel” the paint.  Jeweling is time consuming and really is very hard to tell the difference (unless of cause you didn’t do the refining stage correctly).  We move back to the Rotary machine and a VERY soft pad, on the slowest speed possible we work an extremely fine polish for 4 or 5 times the amount of time we would normally.  This process might only add 2 or 3% but on a full detail that’s what we do, we seek perfection.

Once this is complete the car receives a full degrease in order to remove any polishing oils left behind, this has two purposes, one is to ensure a squeaky clean surface for the final protection to bond too and secondaly, polishing oils can fill and hide micro swirl marks.


Ceramic coating was applied to the paintwork in multiple layers, this base layer coating will help protect the freshly sorted paintwork for many years to come againsed all types of environmental impact, and also help protect the paintwork for the marks it sufferd from before.

This base layer was then topped off with a lighter coating, this coating is the one that gives the hydrophobic effect, this helps to keep the car cleaner and also make washing a doddle, it also gives massive gloss!

All the Glass was polished before a glass coating was applied in multiple layers, this coating makes the use of wipers a thing of the past! the water simply disappears.

The wheels were removed and underwent the exact same process as the car.  Once cleaned and polished a wheel coating was sprayed on, brake dust build up will now be a thing of the past.

Once complete the car was rolled out into the sunshine for some final shots.


The Final Result

As with all our video, this is shot n a phone in the light on the day, no trickery from Deadeye!



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