Who are we – Deadeye Detailing

Born from the frustration of not being able to have his own cars detailed to his exacting standards, John spent many years learning and practising on his own and family members’ cars including a Ferrari Enzo, Porsches, and Rolls Royce Phantoms. This then grew to friends, then friends of friends and so on until we reach the point where we are today with Deadeye Detailing.

Growing up around supercars, John has developed a deep love for the design and engineering behind any car and has a strong understanding of the manufacturing processes behind most modern-day supercars.

Deadeye Detailing operates from a secure site between Preston and Blackpool, two minutes from the M55. The unit is secure and safe, monitored by alarms and 24hr security. You can rest assured your prized position is in the safest possible environment throughout its stay.

We have easy access to the rail network making it a breeze for customers from all over the North West of England and the UK to have their car detailed at Deadeye Detailing.

We are proud to be hand-selected by the world-leading Glass and Ceramic Coating Manufacturer Modesta to be the UK’s sole distributor and training centre, used by the worlds very best detailers Modesta represents everything we stand for at Deadeye Detailing

Here at Deadeye Detailing we strive to achieve perfection, but only if it is safe to do so. We will asses your requirements at the quotation stage and offer our expert advice.


“I don’t get it, I really just don’t get it. I was lucky enough to receive an invite to tour the Ferrari factory in Modena; the emphasis on cleanliness is unreal, the engine manufacturing unit is spotless, it’s clinical, there are gardens of plants growing between each section with plants specially chosen to filter the air, and boy can you feel it, I’d happily live the rest of my life in that place. BUT and this is a big BUT, why oh why can they not get the finish 100% or even 90% on the cars coming out of the gates? Think about it, it’s the first thing you see, shouldn’t it be the most perfect it can be? And don’t get me wrong its not just Ferrari, it’s all manufactures—don’t even get me started on the Lamborghini factory, I had to leave before I fell out of love with them! If it was left up to me any new car would immediately be wet sanded and then polished but it’s not practical. For this reason I try to extract the hidden beauty that lies beneath the surface, just hoping one day to be set free with the use of polishes tools and lighting. The road is full of M3s, Mercedes C-Classes, Porsches, Range Rovers, Ford Focus RS etc., yet only a few turn my head; these cars tend to be the ones that have been professionally detailed—you really can tell the difference—and it’s that difference I’m dedicated to chasing. Why have a beautiful car when you can have a stunningly beautiful car?”