Ceramic Pro Jaguar F Pace


This Jaguar F Pace came in for a full detailing service including paint correction, and Ceramic Pro Coatings.  The owner wanted a car easy to maintain as he travels up and down the motorway much of the time.

The paint work was in quite a poor state, it had lots of swirling and deeper scratches witch needed to be removed.  Past experience taught me that recent Jaguar /Land-Rover paint has been super sticky and a real pain to correct, so i new it would defiantly need a 2 stage correction (removing defects from sticky paint is a pain, it leaves behind such bad haze the gloss is very very muted).

The car was clean with the following procedure

Bilt Hambler Snow Foam

2 bucket wash with Meguires Hyper wash and a Microfiber Madness wash mitt

Wheels cleaned with Sonax wheel cleaner

Chemical decontamination using Bilt Hambler fallout remover and Autosmart Tardis

Clay Bar to remove bonded contamination

All dried off using warm air and Gyeon silk dryers

Once the wash stage was complete it was into the studio for work to commence.

Cutting Stage

As stated above cutting sticky paint is a pain, sticky paint basically heats up very fast, drying out the polish causing it to become a kind of paste on the surface of the car before it has had time to break down and remove defects.  For a detailer its a nightmare, it makes the whole  job of detailing twice as hard and twice as long.  Whats needed here is lots of patience and lots of pads!

Blow  you will se the kind of defects to be felt with

Blow is a quick before and after (cutting stage only)

Here you can see exactly what sticky paint does to the polish after only a short time working.

The polish simply doesn’t work, its doesn’t break down properly and becomes a nightmare to remove!


Refining this car was also a nightmare!  All the usual methods were not working and leaving holograms in the paint, again curly down to the paint being sticky!

Just before i was about to cry i tried a rally used tactic.

I got my softest pad ( Carpro Gloss Pad) and liberally soaked it in water, i mixed up some Meguires 205 polish, about an inch in a bottle topped up with cold water.  This was sprayed onto the car and worked in the normal manner, despite being very very messy it did the job and i was able to remove the haze and produce a gloss i was happy with.

The car was then fully snow foamed again an power washed before being dried with warm air.

The wheels were removed and given a light polish before Ceramic Pro was applied via spray gun.

The rest of the Car was treated with the Ceramic Pro coatings before being taken outside for some photos.




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