BMW 320 – Detailing Manchester


Here we are again with another White BMW – this time the car had covered circa 2000 miles being used as an ex demo.

The owner came to us after being round several other detailers in the area, although we were not the cheapest in the area the car rolled into us for Ceramic Pro 9h and Ceramic Pro Light treatment.


Upon delivery the car was treated to the usual wash and chemical decontamination using various chemicals, i love seeing the bleeding effect of fall out remover on a white car especially!


Here you can see the effect the chemical is having on bonded industrial fall out, all this fallout alters the way we see the cars surface and alters reflective light.


The Rear end of the car being the worst effected, remember this is basically a brand new car.

The front wing also had fallout although not as bad.


Tar spots were also addressed, this gives me the cleanest possible surface to perform paint correction.  Here you can see the Tar literally melting off the car, whilst the chemical is strong it is still safe to the paintwork.


Once the car is fully cleaned its inside under the lights to asses the paint work.

White cars are often difficult to spot defects but with the correct lighting its can be done. The camera failed to pick up static defects.

The below videos show some 50/50 (polished vs unpolished) watch the area around where the light is reflecting, in the unpolished areas you can see “tails” or “shadows” coming off the bulb, in the polished areas these have been removed giving a clean reflection of the bulb only, ensuring the clear coat is free of defects is the only way to give real gloss to a white car.



A clear difference can be seen in the gloss black area, this was after cutting to remove the defects, then it was polished to remove haze.



Once all the polishing had been done it was time for a degrease to remove polishing oils before ceramic coatings were applied to the paint, glass wheels and leather.


Enjoy the end result.

20170902_150628 20170902_150055




20170831_143233 20170904_153132 20170902_150123 20170904_153158 20170904_153224


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